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"Ayurvedic medicines are based on Ayurveda and prepared from natural substances like Herbs & Natural Minerals."

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"Ayurvedic medicines are widely used in India and now all over world for treating various health disorders. It strengthens the body to fight diseases and does not kill diseases in direction action."

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"Ayurvedic medicines should be taken as per the advice of Ayurveda doctor or as per the recommendations mentioned on the medicine itself."

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"If good quality of ayurvedic medicines are used in right dosage then it does not cause any side effects."

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"Patients suffering from Liver, Kidney, Heart and chronicle diseases should take advice of doctor before consuming ayurvedic medicines."

Ayurvedic treatment in hindi language this question feed

asked by Liama on 15 April 2011 10:29
Kindly provide advice on ayurvedic treatment in hindi language
Tags: , Baba Ramdev Medicines
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Dear sir, Mere puri body mai ganth banne lagi hai,kripya batiye ye kya bimari hai ur iska elaj Hindi mai bataiye. Ur is ka sahi upchar kya hai,kripya reply karain.

Your Rahul

posted by Guest on 26 July 2014 22:58

Respected Sir, Mera ladka age 10year hai.bahut hi kamjoor& dubla patla hai. uska Blood nahi banta. Doctor se b bahut dava li hai koi ayurvedic dava batayen.

posted by Guest on 22 April 2013 23:28

श्रीमान जी प्रणाम मेंरी पत्‍नी के शरीर में हाथ, जॉंघ व कमर आदि में कई गॉंठे हो गयी है, बहुत इलाज कराया कोई फायदा नहीं हो रहा है, कृपया आयुर्वेदिक उपचार बताये हम आजीवन आपके आभारी रहेंगे

posted by Guest on 15 April 2013 17:07

sir mere sarir me ganth bahut hi jayada ho gai hai aur body me pasina bhi nahi aata jis ki vajah se mere body me bahut jyada jalan hoti hai aur kai bar tej saikal chlane par chest me pain hoti hai

posted by Guest on 16 August 2012 19:18

sir namste mere sarir me safed dag white spot ho rhen hai please jaldi se eska acha sa or saral upchar batayen aap ka bhut bhut aabhari rahunga dhanya wad

posted by Guest on 3 April 2012 12:33

Meri samasya ye hai ki bachpan me adhik hast methun karne ki vajah se mere ling ka akar chota tatha shighrapatan ki shikayat ho gai hai nivedan hai ki koi sateek upchar bataye jisse ki mera jeevan samanya ho sake

posted by Guest on 23 February 2012 18:22

namste sar mai 26year. meri samasya ye hai ki kai verso se mere svpandosh hai jisse mera ling sukuda rahata hai jisse muchhe saram mahsoos hoti hai. kuch mahine bad meri shadi hone wali hai isiliye esksa koi ayurved tail ya dava bataye .

posted by Guest on 7 February 2012 16:51

sar kai verso se mere svanp dos hai jisse mera ling teda aur sukad gaya hai mai saram ke karan maine dava nahi ki to esaki koi dava bataye jisse mai upachar kar saku

posted by Guest on 6 February 2012 21:18
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